FEATURE  The Discovery of Alan Hindley

The Discovery of Alan Hindley

Runtime: 06:14
Director: Andy Fortenbacher
Producer: Zac Page, Cassidy Bisher, Lisa Mueller, Andy Fortenbacher
Screenwriter: Andy Fortenbacher
Cinematography: Craig Harmer

Ralph Lister as Alan Hindley
Jamie Newell as Helen Hindley

Logline: Alan Hindley is a ham radio enthusiast who lives with his bitter, chain-smoking mother. His relationship with her is layered with resentment and repetition, so Alan isolates himself up the attic on his radio, seeking a way to escape his situation.

One day, a mysterious object falls from the sky, crashing into Alan's backyard. The object begins to manipulate Alan's perception giving him a glimpse into a disturbing alternate version of his own reality.